10 Most Bizarre Billionaires in the World

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When you are part of the richest 1% and have plenty of money to spare, you’ll surely be able to spend your billions of dollars on whatever tickles your fancy; it could be a luxury car, a million-dollar watch, or an out-of-this world expensive yacht. You could also behave as bizarre as you want without anybody daring to question your behavior.

However, these billionaires top the list of having the most bizarre traits, like spending millions on absurd things such as robotic dinosaurs or a zoo for penguins, or leaving their dog a bulk of their fortune.

Here is a list of the world’s 10 bizarre billionaires:


10. Jocelyn Wildenstein

The socialite from New York got her billions of dollars when she married and then divorced a French billionaire after finding out that he was having an affair. Of course, with a divorce involving ultra rich individuals, Wildenstein was able to walk out with a divorce settlement worth $2.5 billion. Having this much money in her bank account, Wildenstein felt that she needed to spend her cheating ex-husband’s money by spending a crazy $600,000 on food, wine, and phone bills in just a year! Before her divorce, Wildenstein is also infamously known for spending millions of dollars on plastic surgery to look like a big cat — her husband’s favorite animal.

9. Robert Klark Graham

Being a millionaire and a businessman, Graham used his millions to establish his own sperm bank. However, being a eugenicist (an advocate of the improvement of human genetic traits), Graham only accepted sperms from Nobel Prize laureates. His sperm bank could’ve been a great game changer for the generations to come. However, his sperm bank also closed down when Graham died in 1997.

8. Ingvar Kamprad

You might be thinking that the man behind Ikea would be splurging his billions since he owns a huge multinational retail company, right? However, Ingvar Kamprad knows how to keep his $3.4 billion net worth by not spending too much of his money. In fact, Kamprad is so stingy that he chooses to fly in coach instead of flying first class or even buying his own private plane. He also doesn’t splurge on luxury cars, but drives and owns a 1993 Volvo instead.

7. Bob Parsons

The founder and big boss of GoDaddy, a web domain host company, spent a fortune to film and release a video of his trip to Africa. In the video, Parsons was shown hunting and killing an elephant in Zimbabwe, where later, the animal was shown cut in pieces to be eaten. Of course, this video sparked outrage even though Parsons believed that he did humanity a favor because the elephant was destroying a community’s crops.


6. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

We’ve heard a lot of stories about royalties cashing in on their luxuries. However, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei spent his millions of dollars buying himself his own Boeing 747 (an airplane usually used by commercial airlines) that he customized with gold sinks. If that’s not enough, he also bought a Mercedes Benz covered in diamonds for his son.

5. Clive Palmer

The Australian politician and businessman is so into dinosaurs that he decided to build a resort filled with robotic dinosaurs; that is, after failing to clone real-life dinosaurs! Besides this, he is also putting $500 million of his money into building a replica of the Titanic that is expected to be completed in 2018.

4. Bidzina Ivanishvili

The Russian billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili made sure that he invested his millions in the right places — his house. Ivanishvili’s home may be one of the most unique houses out there since its exterior is made entirely of glass. And if that’s not enough, he also made sure that he has his own zoo for penguins inside his compound.

3. Leona Helmsley

Leona Helmsley was a real estate businesswoman who is infamously known for her tyrannical and rude behavior. When she was still living, Helmsley didn’t have many friends or close family, except for her dog named Trouble. When Helmsley died, she left her huge fortune worth $12 million to her beloved pet.

2. Howard Hughes

An American business tycoon, Howard Hughes was a huge aviation fan. However, after crashing his new airplane into a neighborhood in Beverly Hills, Hughes became a hermit and started to lock himself inside his own private theater. For months, Hughes didn’t shower, didn’t eat proper meals, or even use the bathroom; it was said that he only used bottles to do his business.

1. Robert Durst

As the son and heir to Seymour Durst, Robert Durst, who is also a real estate developer and investor from New York, was left with billions worth of money and property. Having an unhappy childhood (he witnessed his mom taking her own life), Durst became a ticking time bomb.

In 1982, his wife Kathleen was reported missing. However, this case was declared closed since there was no body found. This case was opened again when Durst’s friend Susan Berman was found dead inside her home in 2000. Despite all the evidences pointing to Durst (who is believed to be a serial killer), the court acquitted him of the murders after he paid millions of dollars to hire the best legal team. Durst, however, was arrested again in June 2015 after the airing of a TV documentary series called “The Jinx”, which gave the persecutors new evidence tying him to the murder of Berman.

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