Phil Knight Net Worth: $26.4 Billion

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The son of William W. Knight and Lota Hatfield, Philip Hampson Knight was born on February 24, 1938 in Portland, Oregon. He is a business tycoon and co-founder of the sportswear giant, Nike Inc. The king of sportswear, Phil Knight, has a staggering net worth of $26.4 billion. He studied at the University of Oregon, where he earned a journalism degree, before further studying at Stanford Graduate School of Business. He was a middle distance runner at the UO and has won varsity letters for his track performances. Interestingly, he, together with Bowerman and Geoff Hollister, founded the Athletics West, an American running team.


How did Phil Knight make his money?

Currently hailed as the 43rd richest person in the world by Forbes, Phil Knight has a net worth of $26.4 billion as of October 2015. This is mainly from his well-founded company, Nike Inc., which was named after the Greek goddess of victory. The swoosh empire owner has proven that he is king when Nike overtook Reebok in the market when the firm was confirmed to be the official on-field provider for the National Football League in October 2010. In 2002, Knight purchased Will Vinton (Animation) Studio. His son, Travis, serves as president and CEO of Knight’s stop-motion film studio, Laika. The studio was able to release its first film, “Coraline,” in 2009 and was followed by “Paranorman” in 2012. Even after stepping down as chairman of Nike for 51 years, Phil Knight still furthers his success by building the Knight Management Center at Stanford University. The center reportedly cost $345 million, $105 million of which came from Knight himself.

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