Michael Buble Net Worth: $40 million

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Michael Buble is a Canadian singer and his net worth in 2015 is estimated to be $40 million. He was born in 1975 in British Columbia to a father who is a salmon fisherman and has two sisters. He revealed in his interview with Oprah in 2009 that he has aspired to become a singer since the age of two and that he slept with his Bible in his teens, praying that he could achieve his dreams of becoming a world-famous singer. Buble’s musical talent was recognized by his family at the age of 13, when they were singing Christmas carols and he sung extraordinarily well. Buble became an Italian citizen in 2005 since his grandfather, who always supported him, was Italian and his father and mother are of Italian descent as well.

How did Michael Buble make his money?

While Michael Buble started his singing career from a simple beginning, he took up every opportunity to sing and appear in every public event and competition he was asked to. However, his career got a big boost when the Canadian president asked him to sing at his daughter’s wedding. Success came to him with two of his albums in 2005. Today, Buble is the recipient of 3 Grammy awards and 4 Juno awards and many of his albums have made it to bestseller lists in Canada, UK, USA, and Australia. Buble has also acted briefly in various shows and makes his money from endorsements and sponsorships as well. His yearly income is approximately $4 million.

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