Luke Bryan Net Worth: $27 Million

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Luke Bryan, born Thomas Luther Bryan on July 17, 1976, is a well-known American songwriter and country singer. He was born in Leesburg, Georgia, USA to LeClaire and Tommy Bryan. He planned to move to Nashville when he was 19 years old but was not able to do so when his older brother died in a car accident. Instead, he attended Georgia Southern University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in 1999. With the urging of his father, Luke Bryan finally went to Nashville to pursue his passion in music. He initially wrote songs for Billy Currington and Travis Tritt, who were both his friends since high school. He also signed up with Capitol Records as a performer and released his first album I’ll Stay Me in 2007. His album was enthusiastically received by the masses, enabling him to release three more albums, with another one in the making. With his album sales and various tours, Luke Bryan currently has a net worth of $27 million.

How did Luke Bryan make his money?

Luke Bryan initially earned his money through songwriting, then gradually earned more from the sales of his released albums and tours either as a headliner or a support for the headlining tours. He also garnered various awards in the music industry and even dabbled in acting in a few TV series like CMT Crossroads and Nashville. He has also been co-hosting the Academy of Country Music Awards since 2013. Despite facing bad weather conditions and battling a chest cold, Luke Bryan went on the road for his Kick the Dust Up Tour in the states of Texas, Illinois, and Michigan until the end of October.

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