Laurene Powell Net Worth: $19.5 Billion

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Laurene Powell Jobs is an American business woman, social activist, philanthropist, and wife to the late Steve Jobs. Her net worth is estimated to be $19.5 billion as of October 2015 according to Forbes Magazine. Hailing from New Jersey, she did her BA in Pennsylvania and her MBA in Stanford Graduate School in 1991. She married Steve Jobs in 1991 and they had three children over the years — two girls and one boy. Powell keeps a low profile and spends much of her wealth on social causes.

How did Laurene Powell make her money?

Much of Laurene Powell’s money came to her as family inheritance. Before she pursued her business degree, she was a fixed-income trading strategist at Goldman Sachs, working for Merrill Lynch Asset Management. Later, she co-founded Terrevera, a natural foods company dealing with Californian retailers. Apart from that, she served on the board of directors of Achieva, which helps students be more productive at online testing. After the death of her husband Steve Jobs, Powell inherited 38.5 million shares of Apple Inc. and the Steven P. Jobs Trust, the largest shareholder in The Walt Disney Company, with 7.96% shares or 130.6 million shares amounting to about $8.7 billion. Laurene Powell Jobs has lately shifted her attention toward the nonprofit sector. She is an entrepreneur who invests in education, women’s causes, and the arts. Some of her eminent projects in these fields are ‘College Track’ and ‘XQ: The Super School Project.’ She has also worked to increase possibilities of citizenship for children of illegal immigrants.

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