Larry Page Net Worth: $34.9 Billion

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Larry Page is the co-founder of Google and has a net worth of $34.9 billion as of October 2015 according to Forbes Magazine. He is an American computer scientist who was born in Michigan, USA in 1973. Larry Page completed his Masters in Computer Science from the University of Stanford, where he later enrolled for his PhD studies, too. It was there that he met Sergey Brin and the two wrote a wildly popular paper on ‘Large Scale Web Search Engines.’ The two went on to launch Google Inc. in 1998. In 2011, Larry Page took over as the CEO of Google, which was dubbed as the ‘most influential company of the digital era’ by Forbes magazine in 2015.

How did Larry Page make his money?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched Google Inc. from a rented garage in Menlo Park. This venture took off and now Google rules more than two thirds of the online search market. Although Larry Page became CEO of Google Inc. in 2004, he has not taken a salary of over $1 million annually. Nevertheless, the other things in his compensation package are enough to make up for it! Larry Page takes home his earnings in the form of stocks, stock options, and incentive bonuses. This move saves him from a large amount of taxes since capital gains tax is only about half as much as income tax. Google has massive earnings from expanding its operating system to the mobile market and from YouTube as well. In August 2015, Larry Page took over as CEO of Alphabet, a parent company that incorporates Google and its sister companies.

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