Larry Ellison Net Worth: US $50 billion

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Lawrence Joseph “Larry” Ellison is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and businessman who has a net worth of US $50 billion as of 2015. He was born on August 17, 1944 in New York, to an unmarried Jewish mother. His father was an Italian-American working as a pilot in the United States Army Air Corps. When he was 9-months-old, Larry contracted pneumonia and was given up for adoption to his uncle and aunt. He never met his biological mother again until he was 48. Although Ellison was raised by his adopted parents in a Reform Jewish atmosphere, he has always been very skeptical of religion. As far as he could remember, his biological mother was very warm, loving, and caring. He did not have the same kind of thought when it came to his biological father, who he felt was very unsupportive and harsh.

How did Larry Ellison make his money?

Larry Ellison is the co-founder and chief technology officer and executive chairman of Oracle Corporation. He was the CEO of this organization until September 2014. He is considered the third richest person in the United States of America and the fifth richest person in the whole world. He has donated 1% of his acquired wealth to charity. Ellison is also a licensed pilot and has two military jets. In 2013, his salary was approximately US $77 million. In 1990, Oracle Corporation had to sack 10% of its employees as the cost was rising and the company was losing money. On January 21, 2010, the European Union allowed Oracle Corporation to take over Sun Microsystems. This allowed Oracle to have control over the MySQL open source database.

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