Vladimir Putin Net Worth: $70 Billion

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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, popularly known as Vladimir Putin, was born on October 7, 1952 in Saint Petersburg, Russia to Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin and Maria Ivanovna Putina. He was the youngest of three boys. From a very young age, he has shown deep interest in becoming an intelligence officer to the extent of emulating such characters seen on the screen. In 1975, Vladimir Putin joined the KGB and underwent training for a year. His childhood dream became a reality in KGB when he worked in the illegal intelligence-gathering unit as a translator and interpreter while recruiting individuals to be sent to the USA as undercover agents. Putin resigned from active state security service in 1991 with the rank of lieutenant colonel. He then began serving his country in the political arena. Though Vladimir Putin was not included in the Forbes 2015 list of billionaires with his net worth of $70 billion, he is ranked number 1 in the list of The World’s Most Powerful People.


How did Vladimir Putin make his money?

In 1991, Putin became the Committee Head for External Relations in the Mayor’s Office in Saint Petersburg. In 1996, he moved to Moscow and joined the administration of then-President Yeltsin. Vladimir Putin became the Acting President of Russia in 1999 and its elected President in 2000 until 2008. Because the Russian Constitution limits the terms of presidency, Putin ran and became the Prime Minister of Russia in 2008 up to 2012. He is currently the President of Russia when he won the election last 2012. Vladimir Putin’s wealth came from his salary as a government official but it was rumored that the bulk of his net worth came from owning shares in various Russian companies.

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