Tadashi Yanai Net Worth: $19.6 Billion

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Born on February 7, 1949 in Tokyo, Japan, Tadashi Yanai is the founder and president of the famous retail company, Fast Retailing. As a child, he attended Ube High School and then enrolled in a course in politics and economics at Waseda University. He graduated in 1971 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Politics degree and made his living by selling kitchen items and male clothing at a supermarket. After a year of working at the supermarket, he joined his father’s tailor shop. Tadashi Yanai started out with Uniqlo as a roadside outlet in 1984 but has now developed it into a successful venture, blessing him with a net worth of $19.6 billion. He is currently married with two sons, Koji Yanai and Kazumi Yanai, who actively take part in their family business activities. Tadashi Yanai’s net worth has ranked him as number 1 in Japan’s Top 50 Richest in 2015.


How did Tadashi Yanai make his money?

In 1991, Tadashi paved the way for his success by changing his father’s company Ogori Shoji into the presently famous Fast Retailing. Just like every other successful businessman, Tadashi has made his fair share of mistakes from which he has learned. His strategy of opening up flagship stores of his core brand Uniqlo and generating good company culture by ensuring three months of training for all new employees has resulted in a dramatic rise in international sales. His perseverance and hard work has turned his Uniqlo roadside outlet into a multi-million dollar generating company that is known around the world.

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