Sergey Brin Net Worth: $33.3 billion

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Sergey Mikaylovich Brin is of Russian descent. Born on August 21, 1973, he and his family immigrated to the United States in the hopes of finding a better future. They settled in Maryland where he spent his early education in a Montessori school. Sergey Brin graduated at the University of Maryland in 1993 with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Then, he entered Stanford University for his PhD, where his genius literally paid off. He has two children from a marriage that just ended early this year. As the co-owner of Google, Sergey Brin is estimated to have a net worth of $33.3 billion.


How did Sergey Brin make his money?

Sergey Brin crossed paths with Larry Page at Stanford in 1995. Both clicked right away as they were on the same intellectual wavelength. They collaborated for the first project they did, called “BackRub,” which Standford even used for its school system.  The success of this project led the duo to do the most convincing and impressive search engine, Google. The domain was registered in 1997 and the Web site was officially launched a year after. Since then, Google has become the favorite and the most used search engine, averaging around five billion searches each day.  In such a short period, Sergey Brin started reaping the fruits of his labor. At 42 years old, he spearheads the Brin Wojcicki Foundation, which gives donations to the abused and the less fortunate. His other investments include the Passerelle real estate firm, Airship Ventures and Space Adventures, among others.

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