Sean Combs Net Worth: $735 million

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Sean John Combs is the master rapper-turned-entrepreneur who is estimated to have a net worth of $735 million. He was born on November 4, 1969 in Harlem but grew up in Mount Venom, New York.  He was raised alone by his mother, as his father was murdered when he was five years old. He attended Howard University where he majored in business administration. Eventually, he dropped out of school and started making a name for himself in the recording industry. Finally, in 1993, he established his own recording company “Bad Boy Records.” Combs enjoys playing the role of a father to his six children but has remained single to this day.


How did Sean Combs make his money?

Music paved the way for Sean Combs’ affluence. His debut album “No Way Out” in 1997 was a certified seven times platinum and was followed by other successful albums in later years. A two-time Grammy and MTV Video Awardee, Diddy, as he is fondly called, is considered the highest-paid rapper of his generation. Although he is not very visible in the music scene these days, he still rakes in cash from his other business ventures.  His 24-hour music channel gives him a lucrative income, not to mention his alkaline water brand Aquahydrate and tequila DeLeon, which he shares a 50-50 profit with Diageo.  His clothing line “Sean John,” men’s perfume “I am King,” and even his newly acquired clothing line “Enyce” from Liz Claiborne never fail to bring in more millions to his amassed fortune.

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