Patrick Drahi Net Worth: $15 billion

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The 52 year-old Patrick Drahi is a Moroccan businessman who was born in 1963 in Casablanca, Morocco to a Moroccan Jewish family. He is of French, Moroccan, and Israeli descent and his parents are both math teachers, enabling him to be very good at the subject. His family moved to Montpellier in France when he was 15 and he graduated from École Polytechnique University in Paris with an engineering degree. He is married to his Syrian Greek Orthodox wife and they have four children. They have lived in Geneva, Switzerland since 1999. A self-made businessman, Patrick Drahi deserves his net worth of $15 billion.


How did Patrick Drahi make his money?

Patrick Drahi is the founder and shareholder of the Luxembourg-based French telecom group Altice, which had a $1.8 billion IPO last January 2015. As reported on August 2015, Forbes estimated Drahi’s net worth at $15 billion, ranking him as the 60th richest person in the world and the third richest person in France. Through his systems and philosophies, he was able to own nearly 75% of the largest cable operator in France, Numericable. Furthermore, he managed to win a bid for SFR, a telecom company, against one of the most powerful families in France, the Buoygues family, in a $23 billion deal. He then followed it up with purchases of some leading telecom companies in Portugal and France in deals worth $8 billion. In June of 2014, his Altice Group bought Virgin Mobile France for 325 million euros, following up with a December purchase of Portugal Telecom for 7.4 billion euros.

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