Novak Djokovic Net Worth: $48 Million

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Novak Djokovic is a Serbian tennis player who has a net worth of $48 million in 2015 according to Forbes Magazine. He was born on May 22, 1987 and started playing tennis when he was two years old. When he was four, while playing outside a café run by his parents, the tennis player Jelena Gencic saw him. She exclaimed that she had not seen such promising talent for a long time. She took up coaching for the boy and introduced him to competitions in other countries. When Djokovic was 14, he started competing internationally and winning competitions he joined. The task of training him was later taken up by Marian Vajda and Boris Becker. Now, Djokovic is considered one of the best tennis players globally.


How did Novak Djokovic make his money?

Novak Djokovic has a sparkling tennis career. The 27-year-old athlete has made most of his money from winning titles and taking home the prize money from his wins. He had the skill and the luck to make it into 13 out of 18 finals in the last Grand slams. He won 7 and lost 6 of those matches. However, the prize money he managed to take home amounts to a staggering $59 million! Along with his tennis career and fame, sponsorship opportunities for the tennis star have also increased and he has had an influx of sponsorship and endorsement opportunities. Last year, he managed to bag contracts with ANZ, Seiko, Peugeot, and Jacob’s Creek. In addition to all this, Djokovik also takes $1 million for exhibition fees.

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