Howard Stern Net Worth: $95 million

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Howard Allan Stern is an American radio personality, actor, producer, author, and photographer. He hosts his long-running radio show called “The Howard Stern Show,” which has been airing since January 2006. Howard Stern has an estimated net worth of $95 million.  He is of Jewish descent and has always wanted to be on the radio since he was a child. He has been married twice and is currently married to the model and actress Beth Ostrosky. He started his career in a campus station in Boston University and worked for a variety of radio stations such as WRNW in New York, WCCC in Connecticut, and WWDC in Washington, D.C. His career peaked in 1985 when he had a 20-year run with WXRK in New York City, where he attracted 20 million listeners.


How did Howard Stern make his money?

His reach in media is vast as he has produced, hosted, and judged various late night television shows, pay-per-views, and talent competitions. He has written two books titled “Private Parts” and “Miss America,” which he released in 1993 and 1995, respectively. Both books reached the New York Times Best Seller list at number one, selling a million copies each. Both books had movie adaptations that reached box-office success. Stern founded the Howard Stern Production Company for ventures in film and television as well as development ventures. He signed on as a judge in the talent show “America’s Got Talent” and was present for four seasons before subsequently leaving. In 2006, he filed a trademark for his name as “King of All Media.”

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