Forrest Mars, Jr. Net Worth: $25.8 billion

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Forrest Mars, Jr. is the grandson of Frank C. Mars who was the founder of the confectionery business Mars, Incorporated. The 84-year old businessman has made his wealth from candy. According to Forbes, Forrest Mars, Jr. has a net worth of $25.8 billion as of June 2015. His grandfather, Frank, started making chocolates in his kitchen in Tacoma, Wash. in 1911. From his grandfather, the company was passed to his father, Forrest Sr., who joined the chocolate business in 1929. The company specializes in chocolates, sweets, pet food, and rice. Later on, it was passed to Forrest Jr., the eldest son, and his siblings.


How did Forrest Mars, Jr.  make his money?

With his siblings Jacqueline and John, Forrest owns the Mars company, the biggest manufacturer of confectionery in the world, with annual sales of $33 billion. Forrest Jr. has a plant in the United States that manufactures all the candies that the company sells. While Forrest  Jr. works as a director, he and his siblings don’t play a role in the day-to-day running of the company. The company also reported in July that it would put up another chocolate manufacturing factory worth $100 million in Topeka, Kansas. The company has already invested $330 million on the plant, which will be the company’s first chocolate plant in 35 years.

Aside from the Mars company, Forrest Mars, Jr. is also the owner of an 82,000-acre piece of land called Diamond Cross Ranch. He has battled against coal miners and natural gas companies for exploring his ranch because the excursions would need immense amount of water. Forrest Jr. wanted to preserve the water for his ranch.

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