Floyd Mayweather Net Worth: $400 million

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Floyd Mayweather is one of the highest paid American celebrities in the professional boxing industry. He was born on February 24, 1977 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and he came from a line of boxers though those before him never got famous. Mayweather considered boxing at a very a young age and didn’t think about any other career. He came from a very poor family. His father sold drugs and his mother was addicted to it. He was raised by his grandmother, who pushed and encouraged him to do boxing. Mayweather joined amateur contests and eventually won in the Golden Gloves championship. He used to be called “Pretty Boy” because he rarely got scars after a match. His defensive technique was taught to him by his father and uncle. In 1996. he won a bronze medal in the Olympics in Atlanta. Floyd Mayweather’s net worth as of 2015 is estimated to be $400 million. This income made him the best paid athlete, beating Tiger Woods who earned $115 million in 2008.


How did Floyd Mayweather make his money?

Mayweather has made several achievements in his profession, among them is the amount of wealth he has accumulated in his career.  He has 48 wins and has never lost so far. Most of his wins are by way of knockouts. His income last May 2013 was $50 million. $32 million was a promise in case he defeated Guerrero. In September of the same year, he received $75 million after fighting Saul Alvarez. Prior to the Pacquiao fight, the estimated income from his profession was around $400 million. Through his win over Pacquiao, he was paid at least $220 million.

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