Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth: $285 million

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Ellen DeGeneres is an American writer, comedian, producer, and TV host who has a net worth of $285 million as of 2015.  She is a recipient of 13 Emmys awards, 12 People’s Choice Awards, and many other achievements both from her career and charitable activities. Ellen studied Communication at University of New Orleans but left after one semester to work in her cousin’s law firm. Her other previous jobs include being a salesperson in a clothing shop, waitress, house painter, hostess, and bartender. Her career in television started with  Ellen’s Energy Adventure. From there, her career continued to progress until she got her own show.


How did Ellen DeGeneres make her money?

She has become ultimately popular because of her The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which has been airing since 2003. Her average annual income from this show alone is $17 million. This show has aired over a thousand episodes already, has won 33 Daytime Emmys, and has over 4 million viewers each day.  Ellen’s annual income is $75 million and her daily gain is around $300,000. Her best earning ever was in 2014, a tremendous $70 million. She owns a huge mansion worth $26.5 million and a luxury car worth $160k. On top of her earnings from show business, she also has other ventures that she is currently paying attention to, including her new clothing line ED by Ellen and her forthcoming book on interior design.

On top of being rich, Ellen Degeneres is also generous. She gives her money away to many charitable establishments. On top of giving away donations and prizes on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she also constantly donates a bulk of her income to 38 charities she serves. One of the many charitable campaigns she has supported and launched is the “Small Change Campaign” which — contrary to its name — has really been a BIG help to numerous deserving folks.

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