Drake Net Worth: $76 million

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Drake is an actor and a rapper who has been very popular. He is a great rapper who came from Toronto, Canada. His career in the music industry started in 2001 and continues until now. When his income started getting bigger, he thought of moving to a bigger house, but had second thoughts; thus, he decided to just rent the place. He is a wise spender and he only buys things that are important. The only extravagance that he has are his two expensive cars, which are an Aston Martin and a Range Rover. Drake’s updated net worth is $76 million and he has an annual income of $18 million.


How did Drake make his money?

Drake’s income is generated from his signing of filmography and discography contracts such as in “Ice Age 4,” “Breakaway,” “Take Care,” “Thank Me Later,” and many others. “Thank Me Later” is the name of the album that has earned him almost $4,571,000. In addition, Drake also earns income from guest appearances, ads, sponsorships, and other programs, all of which amounts to approximately $3,000,000 annually. When he joined Lil Wayne’s tours, they earned not only fame but also a big amount of money that reached $10 million. Unlike any other rapper out there, Drake has stable finances as he is able to manage his income very well. Today, he is considered one of the highest-paid singers throughout the world. His net worth will increase as long as his career continues shining in the industry.

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