DMX Net Worth: $12 million

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DMX or Dark Man X is the stage name of Earl Simmons, an American actor and rapper who has released best-selling albums.  The net worth of DMX is about $12 million. He started in the industry as a beatboxer in the 1980s and was featured in a post in The Source magazine. He was recognized as a hip hop performer. His debut album “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” was released in 1998 and hit the top rank of the Billboard 100. This added millions to his net worth.  In 2011, his net worth was $6,153,846 and his income has doubled to $12 million. However, due to some reasons, the net worth of DMX decreased years later and he even filed for bankruptcy when he couldn’t afford paying his child custody and his mortgage anymore.


How did DMX make his money?

DMX is considered one of the most popular hip hop artists, with 30 million records sold throughout the world. He earned his millions from his albums and movies. The total amount that he earned from his movie is $3,572,838. However, his popularity became short-lived due to misbehavior. During his fame, he lived in luxury, but time came that he wasn’t able to afford his living. His earnings were compromised paying for his debts. Presently, his net worth is in the verge of decreasing. If he would use his voice and talent the right way, he would still be able to earn back the millions he lost.

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