David Thomson Net Worth: $25.8 billion

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Truthful and genuine news and reporting. This has been the secret of a family of Canadian magnates in succeeding in the media industry. Now on the third generation, David Thomson continues the family legacy and the good track record in the media and publishing industry. In fact, like his grandfather Roy, David is handling the Thomson Reuters Company well and now has a dashing $25.8 billion as his net worth. This makes him the 25th man on Forbes’s Billionaires list and Canada’s biggest and richest entrepreneur. David, ironically, is a very private person and avoids press interviews as much as possible.


How did David Thomson  make his money?

Along with his family, David Thomson is running Thomson Reuters and is the chairman of the media juggernaut. He held various positions in their billion-dollar company before becoming its head. Their family business is being run through a private holding company called Woodbridge, which holds 57% stake in Thomson Reuters. The Thomsons also have stakes in the Canadian news operation The Globe and Mail. Other than the big business in news reporting and current affairs, Thomson and his family also hold shares in Strategic Hotels and Resorts. They are part owners of the National Hockey League’s Winnipeg Jets. Their private company Woodbridge also has minority shares in the Montreal Canadiens NHL hockey troupe. Adding to David Thomson’s wealth is his collection of art masterpieces, such as Pablo Picasso’s work and paintings from world’s top English romantic painter John Constable.

David Thomson’s hard work and passion for business make their business a living legacy to their country and to the world.

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