David Koch Net Worth: $41.1 billion

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They say that men with a strong heart and great perseverance become successful, wealthy, and powerful. For an American entrepreneur, this statement is nothing but a genuine line. A multi-faceted gentleman with lots of businesses and investments, David Koch is one the world’s richest and most powerful men. One of Fred Chase Koch’s four sons, he studied chemical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and joined Koch Industries under his brother, Charles, in 1970. David Koch has a jaw-dropping $41.1 billion in his pocket as his net worth!


How did David Koch make his money?

This 75-year old billionaire is New York City’s richest citizen and a part-owner of the Koch Industries, the second biggest private company in the United States. He and his brother, Charles, manage the company, which has interests in oil pipelines and refineries, paper towels and Dixie cups, and building and construction materials. This makes the Kochs’ business profitable and competitive in the world industry. His brother sits as the company’s chairman while David manages the chemical technology branch of their $115 billion company.

More than earning billions of dollars, David Koch never forgets to share all of the boons he is receiving. He is a world-known philanthropist and has handed out an estimated $1.2 billion so far. He, a prostate cancer survivor, handed $4 million for the construction of a new facility at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. He also funded the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was a $65 million renovation project.

Now, he and his brother Charles are releasing money and spending almost $900 million on political-related activities such as issues related to education and criminal justice. He is also listed as the 24th most powerful and fifth richest man in the world.

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