David Copperfield Net Worth: $800 million

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Who says that you cannot use a magic trick to make you a million richer? David Copperfield proved that wrong! With his magical hands and trickeries, he now has a huge amount of money in his pocket. Wondering just how rich this magician is? Abracadabra! Well, David Copperfield just hit an $800 million high net worth! He started practicing magic at an early age of 10 and at age 12, he was admitted to the Society of American Magicians, becoming the youngest person in the organization. He practiced magic and ventriloquy at Camp Harmony, which was an experience he said he would never forget. At 16, he was already teaching a magic course at New York University.


How did David Copperfield make his money?

This 57-year old illusionist, David Seth Kotkin in his real magical life, stunned the world after he made the sturdy Statue of Liberty in America disappear and after he passed through the heavy bricks of the Great Wall of China. These and more tricks made him the most in-demand magician in the world for the past years. He appeared in various television specials and invaded the world with global tours. He also has a huge collection of magic memorabilia. Now, he’s a resident performer in Las Vegas, an established producer, and a businessman. One of the proofs that this guy knows how to allure audiences and put magic on his every show is that the list of the ticket sales for his shows at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino amount to as much as $50 million a year!

Aside from being an in-demand illusionist, he is also a multi-awarded personality who has received 21 Emmy awards and has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His achievements have made him a bankable illusionist and an icon for the entertainment industry. No wonder he has a gigantic $800 million in his magical pocket right now.

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