Calvin Harris Net Worth: $66 million

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Calvin Harris is a Scottish DJ, singer, songwriter, and producer who is currently holding the title as the highest paid electro dance music (EDM) artist, with a net worth of $66 million for this year alone. Harris, whose real name is Adam Richard Wiles, was born in Scotland to English parents. His interest in electronic music started when he was a teenager. In 1999, he started making recording demos in his bedroom. At 18 years old, he released two songs under another name, Stouffer. He later moved to London to engage himself more in musical scenes. However, without money, he failed to make a name for himself. That is when he started to post his recordings in the Internet. He was discovered by Mark Gillespie.


How did Calvin Harris make his money?

His rise to fame and wealth began with his first album, “I Created Disco,” and he gradually rose in popularity in the international EDM scene with his second studio album, “Ready for the Weekend.” All eight tracks of the second album entered the top 10 UK charts, the first time in history. Harris’ prominence in the music scene continued to grow with the release of his successive albums as well as collaborations with various artists such as Rita Ora, Ellie Goulding, Ne-Yo, and Gwen Stefani. His success in music has garnered him multiple nominations and awards for his unique sounds and catchy lyrics. He also has his own record label Fly Eye Records. Although he has played less this year than last year, he still earned a larger amount due to his single releases and larger fee in shows that he played in.

Calvin Harris is now being recognized as one of the top power players in the EDM scene, with additional endorsements under his belt such as producing a track for Coca-Cola, being featured in an ad for Pepsi, partnering with Sol Republic on a range of professional headphones, and being the new face of luxury brand Emporio Armani. He has performed in order to raise funds for charities like the Children’s Orthopaedic Center at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles as well as for Product Red, an AIDS awareness campaign.

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