Bernard Arnault Net Worth: $35.7 billion

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French luxury goods magnate, businessman, and art collector Bernard Arnault ranks 13th in the wealthiest billionaires list because of his net worth of $35.7 billion. At one time, Arnault was a highly skilled engineer who convinced his father to purchase Financière Agache, a luxury business that also included Christian Dior, one of the leading brands in fashion today, for $15 million. From there, he was named CEO and he liquidated majority of the business. He left Christian Dior for his own in order to reestablish it as the brand we know today.


How did Bernard Arnault make his money?

Majority of his earnings come from being CEO of the fashion empire LVMH which is the mother company of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Fendi, and Sephora, among many others. Today, Arnault has controlling interest in LVMH and his two older children, Delphine and Antoine, assist him in maintaining their flourishing family business. He has also dabbled in various investments over the past decades, investing in Web companies like Netflix and the supermarket chain Carrefour. This expansion has covered a wide array of businesses such as yachts, property, and even newspaper publishing.

Aside from having a large contribution in fashion, Arnault is an art enthusiast and collector. He spent $135 million to create the Louis Vuitton Foundation museum in France, which holds a treasure trove of highly collectible pieces from LVMH as well as his personal collection of art. Arnault’s collection includes works by Picasso, Henry Moore, and Andy Warhol.

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