The 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

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If you want to go out and eat good food, then you should be ready to spend a couple of dollars for a fine meal. In the US, you need to shell out at least an average of $30 for a decent meal (tip and drinks not included). If $30 isn’t that big of a deal for you, wait ‘til you see the amount you have to spend at the world’s most expensive restaurants.

10. Beige (Tokyo)
cost per person: $150-$200

Located on the 10th floor of a Chanel building in Ginza neighborhood, you should expect that Beige is nothing but classy and elegant. The restaurant’s menu features the recipes of world renowned chef, Alain Ducasse.


The appetizers cost around $40-$50 and their main course, around $60 to $75. If that’s not too expensive for you, you can try their five-course tasting menu that costs $200 per person. And oh, since you’re into splurging, you shouldn’t miss their chocolate-praline Chanel square for dessert (which costs $20).

9. Misoguigawa (Kyoto)
cost per person: $270

Being located at one of the most historic cities in Japan, you would expect that Misoguigawa serves nothing except Japanese food, but you’re totally wrong. This restaurant housed in a preserved tea house in Kyoto serves classic French cuisine. Although their meals are foreign, Misoguigawa serves their dishes kaiseki style (“a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner).

As they say on their website, Misoguigawa is all about “the quintessential taste of traditional French cuisine harmonizing French spirit and Japanese culture.” Here they offer an a la carte menu and a seasonal multi-course set menu that could cost you $250 per person, excluding tax and service charge.


8. Le Pre Catelan (Paris)
cost per person: $245-315

Set at the heart of the Bois de Boulogne park in the city of love, Paris, Le Pre Catelan is a classy restaurant you should visit — that is, if you’re willing to pay around $245-315 for their multi-course meals. Their most expensive set menu is the Le Menu Du Pré at €280.

But for sure the dishes in the menu are worth every euro; for this 7-course meal includes dishes like crab soup seasoned with curry, french caviar, fennel, veal sweetbreads cooked in a casserole, acacia flowers, suteéd herbs, aged cheese, and a dessert of crispy lemon meringue and basil sorbet.


7. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant (Maldives)
cost per person: $320

Obviously, when you’re dining in this restaurant, you’re not only paying for the meal, but you’re also paying for the unique experience — dining 5 meters below sea level at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.

A full meal here costs an average of $320 but you’ll surely enjoy every bite as sharks, stingrays and other sea animals swim past you.

6. Aragawa (Tokyo)
cost per person: $341

This classy dining, named the most expensive restaurant in 2006, is one of the most exclusive dining places you can go to with only a 22 seating capacity.

Their signature dishes are the charbroiled, high-grade Sanda Beefsteak and smoked whole salmon that the restaurant prepares fresh every week. A full meal in this restaurant will cost you $341.

5. Masa (New York City)
cost per person: $350

Owned by Chef Masayoshi Takayama, this Japanese restaurant is located at Time Warner Center in NY. More than the delicious masterpieces the chef has prepared, Masa promises its customers an experience like no other.

In fact, you would have to allow three hours for a multi-course meal at Masa and of course pay at least $350 per person. That excludes excludes drinks, tax, and – needless to say –  tip.

4. Gordon Ramsay (London)
cost per person: $355

Bearing the name of the popular restaurateur and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay (from Hell’s Kitchen and Master Chef) this restaurant at Chelsea in London has held 3 Michelin stars for over a decade now. Their A La Carte menu can cost around $170 a meal.

If you’re feeling extra generous, you could try their Seasonal Inspiration Menu that costs $270 per meal (plus 12.5% service charge). Those who have dared to dine here have called this restaurant a “Heaven’s Kitchen” with their delicate and delectable meals; not to mention the impeccable and spot-on service you get at Ramsay’s restaurant.

3. Restaurant Crissier (Switzerland)
cost per person: $415

A recent recipient of 3 Michelin stars, this restaurant’s kitchen is run by Switzerland’s 2013 chef of the year, Chef Benoit Violier. Some of the dishes included in this restaurant’s menu are: Dublin Bay prawns from the Opal Coast, Medallions of Blue Lobster served in their shell, ’Nantaise Duck, and wild strawberries and lime flavored Gruyere cream.

2. Restaurant Le Meurice (Paris)
cost per person: $590

The Restaurant Le Meurice is another 3-Michelin star holder on this list. This restaurant in downtown Paris is owned by Chef Alain Ducasse — the first chef to own restaurants with 3 Michelin stars in three different cities.

Restaurant Le Meurice has a lunch menu consisting of mackerel, vegetables and fruits, guinea fowl, Sainte-Maure, figs, sorbet, and chocolate, which will cost you around $185. But if you have a few more hundred dollars to spend, you should try their Collection Menu that has vegetables cooked in salted crust, bonito fish, eggplant, lobster, farm hen with cepe mushrooms, cheeses, and chocolate all for $590.

1. Sublimotion (Ibiza)
cost per person: $2,000

The world’s most expensive restaurant is located at the famous party island in the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza. It is run by Michelin 2-star chef Paco Roncero and it is located in the Hard Rock hotel. This restaurant is the most exclusive dining experience that you can get as there are only 12 seats inside.

Dining here will cost you a whopping $2,000 per person, but will surely take you on an extraordinary gastro-sensory journey with their 20-course meal. For that price, you get self-mixing cocktails and incredible 360-degree projections.


What’s so special about the food? It’s The 20 course menu is one of the best molecular gastronomy you can get in this world. It was recognized as the Best Innovation Food & Beverage in 2014. A once in a lifetime experience!

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