Lee Shau Kee Net Worth: US $25.5 Billion

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Lee Shau Kee, a famous real estate tycoon from Hong Kong, was born on January 29, 1928 in Guangdong, China. Although born in China, he settled in Hong Kong at a very early age and worked devotedly in the real estate field for 40 years, making him a justifiably self-made person. As a young man, he started as a simple employee of the company Sun Hang Kai Properties Limited. At present, the net worth of Lee Shau Kee is an estimated $25.5 billion. He is also known as “Uncle Four,” as he is one of the lucky few fourth-children to have achieved the milestone of accumulating multi-billion dollars.

How did Lee Shau Kee make his money?

Lee Shau Kee was the fourth richest person in the world before the handing over of Hong Kong in 1997. He has a huge number of shares of the company Henderson Land Development and his current net worth is approximately US $25.5 billion. His income mainly comes from Henderson Land Development, since this company has interests in properties, hotels, the Internet, and several other fields. It is worth taking a look at the dedication of this man and the way he climbed the stairs of success to reach his position. He is someone who has not forgotten his past, which is one of the reasons why he has donated huge amounts of money for philanthropic deeds through the Lee Shau Kee Foundation.

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